Wooden Sen’Sey

Wooden Sen'Sey Cover


Developer & Publisher: Neko Entertainment
Platforms: Nintendo Wii U, PC
Mode: Action-Platformer/Touchscreen
Genre: Single-Player
Available Now
“Wooden Sen’SeY seeks to offer players a unique gaming experience, inspired by old school gameplay mechanisms, while incorporating contemporary technology and beautiful 3D graphics.”

by: Mitchell Cole


So, You Are Ready, Yes?

Wooden Sen’Sey is fun, challenging and can be a great week-long adventure, or a power-playthrough for whatever gamer you are. You follow Goro, a village chief, through a series of levels on his quest for vengeance. He defeats his enemies using his axe to slice, dice, squash and grapple! Tackle nine ever-challenging levels in Wooden Sen’Sey.  The game has its drawbacks. You will definitely want to turn the motion control off if you are playing on the Nintendo Wii U & Gamepad or else you will be shaking your Gamepad every 2 seconds to do your standard “ground-smash” techniques, which I used religiously throughout the game.

An Independent Effort

The level design of the game is pretty special; filled with many different locales such as underwater, submarine levels to giant flying airships to battle aboard! Another point to make… Each level took me well over 20 minutes each in order to achieve the “Drunken Master” & “Warrior” awarded at each level-end. Another nice touch was the achievements that are offered. Many gamers of other systems have long ridiculed the Wii U for not offering enough in gamer achievements but Wooden Sen’Sey also includes achievements on all platforms. The sounds of the game were a treat to the ears much of time with beautiful sounds and music that helped sell the oriental style backdrop. If I had one wish, it would have been for a clever story-line that was told through some occasional cut-scenes. As it is, once you finish a level you start the next every time.



(Good Game, Worth a Discount Purchase)

Graphics – B+ | Story – C+ | Controls – C | Replay – B+ | Sounds – B+

Overall, my advice is this… If you are a Wii U owner, a purveyor of e-Shop purchasing, or a fan of the side-scroller that Nintendo and its consoles do better than anyone else, then this game is for you. PC Gamers have just as much reason to pick this title up at a cheap, discount price. While I wished for a few more levels and a deeper story, the game itself is highly entertaining and worth a discount price or maybe even full price. The choice is yours as a gamer. Gamers Unite!

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