Snipperclips – Review

Developer: SFB Games

Publisher: Nintendo

Engine: Unity

Platform: Nintendo Switch Exclusive

Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer

Genre: Puzzle

Available Now


“Use your imagination to snip Snip and Clip into the right shapes to solve dynamic puzzles full over ever-changing gameplay.”

By: Mitchell Cole

Snip It, Snip It Good!

Snipperclips is a new Nintendo IP and digital Nintendo Switch exclusive in which gamers take creativity to a whole new level; as well as cooperation & competition! Take control of characters called Snip’n’Clip, and literally cut your way through various levels and challenges while having fun. Warning! This game has very addictive fun features!

Lodes of Modes (And Other Goodies)

Snipperclips is both a single and multi-player game that can be enjoyed either/or. The single player mode is a great learning ground and warm up to teaming up with friends both online or (as I prefer) locally in-home. This adds tons of replay value and was an awesome demonstration to on-lookers at local restaurants and waiting rooms I found.

The game comes with standard (but impressive nonetheless) graphics where Snip’n’Clip look fantastic in simple, yet detailed background worlds. In single player, there are 3 worlds, with 15 levels a piece, providing ample training grounds for your impending live match. The worlds dance, sing, and give off great vibes to players. This game and the look are meant to inspire fun and creativity. You just can’t go wrong with that premise.

Some technical goodies that help Snipperclips stay positive is its controls. While a bit too sensitive to my tastes at first, I found the controls to Snipperclips to be easy to learn, which is great seeing as how you will be spending a lot of time cutting, trimming, turning, or event dunking basketballs into the hoop! After some decent time with Snipperclips; the sensitivity of the controls, while at times a bit too much, can easily be accustomed to. Thank goodness cuz’ there are a lot more levels and challenges awaiting in multiplayer mode. Here is where Snipperclips shines. I found that the online competition and mode was fine, but the local co-op is pure joy! Family and friends alike delighted in competing with myself and each other with mini-games including hockey, basketball, and more. All with the Snipperclips twist; cutting your opponent to literal, virtual bits. Cooperative multiplayer levels were just as a good, if not at times a bit more frustrating that I care to really admit.

Meet Snip’N’Clip!

Shaved Down

There is little to dismiss when it comes to Snipperclips. I was disappointed that Nintendo didn’t encourage SFB Games to include a story line of some sort. I can really see ‘Snip & Clip’ become Nintendo household names if gamers can relate to the characters a bit more. While the audio is fairly competent, I found that a few of the levels soundtracks were trite or overly-annoying. I eventually discovered tuning down the annoying tracks so I could focus more on the task at hand. For the price, the game is enough but I also would’ve been more impressed with a couple more world-themes too.



Story: C- | Graphics: A | Audio: B- | Replay: A | Controls: A

Overall, Snipperclips is a ‘MUST’ for Nintendo Switch owners who enjoy a family-friendly competitive game. The low price makes the game all the more attractive too. Nintendo is known for friendly, memorable characters. With the help and creativity of SFB Games, I think Nintendo has a new set of adventurers for players to attach too. Let’s see a 3DS version or spin-off! Gamers tastes are different with each gamer, so let me know if you agree or disagree with my review. Always willing to talk gaming! Until then, #GamersUnite!



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