Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Review

Developer: 343 Industries
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Series Halo
Platform: Xbox One Exclusive
Genre: First-person shooter
Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer


By Matthew Watts

Hello there my fellow gamers! Matt here to deliver another review straight to your face. In this article, I will be talking about a very well-known & established franchise called Halo. Now, I feel the first thing I must point out is space epics don’t usually grab my attention (unless it’s Star Wars of course). The second thing I feel I should make you aware of, is first person shooters rarely interest me on account of them generally being the same every time. However, with Halo, it’s a combination of FPS and Space epic, something I thought would put me off even more so, but I knew that unlike most FPS games, it has a storyline. So, I thought why not actually give it a try. And I’m glad to say I did.


So the story of Halo is set far into the future, during a war between the UNSC & the Covenant. The war is an extension of another war far in the past, where a devastating threat called The Flood threatened all life. You play as Master Chief, a Spartan super soldier fighting against both ‘the Covenant’ & later, ‘The Flood’. After the Covenant accidentally releases ‘The Flood’ it is your job to prevent any further devastation, and shut down the Halo ring which could not only destroy The Flood, but destroy everything. And this is just the first game. There’s still another 3 games to complete! Now I don’t want to ruin everything for you if haven’t already played the games, the story expands even further after the first game.


Now one thing I was very impressed with in this collection, is the ability to swap between the original graphics and the updated current generation graphics. It really lends perspective to how far graphical details have leapt forward the years. Seeing the difference at the press of a button is incredible. Looking at the detail back in the days of the first Xbox, the graphics were quite impressive for its time. Looking at the updated graphics now really helps you focus on the level of detail & the sense of realism in most current gen games. Very impressive!


The first thing you notice in the game is the music in the main menu. It has this otherworldly, Gregorian chant feel to it (and I’ve always found Gregorian chanting to be fascinating music). In game is an entirely different story. The music is built for the location you are in, changing for situations, adding a sense of ambience. It works well for the game, servicing the senses. Even as 343 Industries has taken over for Bungie, the music & even the sound effects have been reworked & updated for the collection. From subtle differences to very noticeable differences.


Now the game play is where I struggle with the games. Not in terms of difficulty, more in terms of it not being what I usually play. The game is in first person perspective, shooting some very strange but interesting aliens with fascinating weapons. This for me gets a little boring after a while, but you do have some very tense moments as you defend yourself, so that makes up for the pointing & shooting.

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