Blaster Master Zero – Review

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Developer & Publisher: IntiCreates

Platform: Nintendo 3DS & Nintendo Switch

Mode: Single-player; Multiplayer             

Genre: Action, Platformer

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“The Blaster Master series makes its long-awaited return with loads of new and improved mutant blasting action…”

By: Mitchell Cole

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One For The Ages

Blaster Master Zero is an enhanced, remake of the original cult-classic Blaster Master for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This title takes me back to my childhood days when I spent hours attempting to blast my way through the original. Centuries after an ice age had forced humanity below ground, you control Jason, who befriends a strange looking frog. As fate has it, this strange frog jumps into a strange portal with you chasing right behind. Through the portal, you discover yourself underground, within the tunnels of your ancestors; only now these caverns and tunnels are loaded with baddies. Upon arrival, Jason conveniently discovers a high-tech battle tank called SOPHIA III to help battle the numerous baddies that plague the underground. Insert the only reason you really need… There are baddies to destroy!

Updated, Enhanced

Graphically, Blaster Master Zero is an enhanced edition to the original classic. IntiCreates created a throwback 8-bit look that pushes the envelope looking more in lines with the SNES or Sega Genesis days. The character design for Jason and characters are small sprites with little detail. Blaster Master was revolutionary in its day as Sunsoft combined two popular genres i.e. top-down shooter and platformer. Each mode is vibrant with background images and obstacles. Master Blaster Zero is colorful and gives off the ‘retro’ look very well.

Controls for Master Blaster Zero are at times twitchy but otherwise just fine. As you progress through the game, you will find power-ups that will help strengthen your arsenal or tank. The audio for the game is fresh, upbeat, and a pleasure to play along to. I am a HUGE fan of 8-bit & 16-bit audio and this soundtrack is a great reminder of better gaming memories!

Behind The Times

Blaster Master Zero is a small, update to a classic title from the 80’s. Limited everything aside, there is little to detract from a purchase from retro or classic fans. If you are a fan of throwback classics that Nintendo has an abundance of, this title is right up your alley. If you are looking for a large, in-depth game requiring large amounts of time and data, this is not the game for you. I also felt the multiplayer option was intriguing but really not much of a multiplayer for the second player. Adding a simple feature that a second player controls is not really a true multiplayer game. Playing as second player, one tends to lose the feel of the excitement as just a target on the screen. The DLC available was confusing to understand at first but may add some replay value for those who enjoy the extra characters and attributes to be unlocked.



Story: B- | Graphics: C+ | Audio: B+ | Replay: B- | Controls: B

I enjoyed my new jaunt down memory lane so much. For a throwback reminder of a great game, I am happy to have taken the opportunity to purchase this title. It certainly adds a great retro title to my growing Nintendo Switch collection. For the price, there is plenty to do. Also in this updated remake, multiplayer has been added in the form the second player shooting a target from offscreen, DLC characters from other games, and after beating the game, the chance to replay the game in HARD mode. All of this certainly has helped in the replay category. Blaster Master Zero harkens back to a day that was much simpler and there was no need so many features. Fans of the series and Switch owners should consider Blaster Master Zero for the pure fun of throwback gaming! Gamers Unite!


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