Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival

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Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii U Exclusive
Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer
Genre: Party
Available Now


Have fun with all your Animal Crossing friends in an interactive board game for up to four players. Play your way through fun events, collecting Happy Points as you go!


By: Mitchell Cole

Welcome To The World Of Animal Crossing…With A Twist!

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, for The Nintendo Wii U,  is a virtual board-game similar in style to the Mario Party series. Take control of some of your favorite characters from Animal Crossing and lead your character across the board in an attempt to beat your family and friends. Playable Animal Crossing characters include Isabelle, Digby, Tom Nook, and Mable; four of the series’s eight characters upon which Amiibo toys had been based. The game also supports the Amiibo cards which debuted alongside Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

Simple Premise, Simple Game

While attempting to mimic the spirit of the dying franchise, Mario Party; Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival comes off as a weak rip-off in which pretty graphics & sounds, or cute characters can’t save this poor title. Whereas Mario Party is a party-game based in the world of a board-game, Amiibo Festival is a pure board-game through and through. No mini-games, no competitive spirit. Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is simple…TOO SIMPLE. Unfortunately, there is little to this game that warrants any purchase, unless you are a die-hard Nintendo or Animal Crossing fans. The weak use of Amiibo’s is another poor aspect Nintendo simply threw in for the twist-effect.

Gotta Find The Positives

Nintendo knows how to make a pretty game. The graphics are fun and whimsical. Characters are finely created on the Nintendo Wii U while the sounds are appropriate and exactly what you’d come to expect from an Animal Crossing title. Colors are bright…and well, FESTIVE. The whole theme of the game is to be happy. This game is really meant to be played with a younger crowd in mind. I played this game with my children and although the game was base and overly-simplistic, we had fun. That was the most important part for me after I had already spent the money for the purchase.



(Do Not Spend Your Hard-Earned Money)

Graphics – A- | Story – F | Controls – A | Replay – F | Sounds – C+

Unfortunately, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is not worth any kind of purchases, even for a family title played together. The game’s purpose is genuine yet lacks real substance to back it up. Simply roll the dice and read the message, repeat, add a small twist to the board-game ever so often. This simple idea is too simple and provides no challenge, replay, or reason to shell out any hard-earned cash. There are better games to play with your family or children while any adult will immediate recognize the juvenile tone and be turned off quickly. Every gamer is different so I welcome your thoughts. Gamers Unite!

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